Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria and the oldest continually inhabited city in Europe. Its picturesque location around the banks of Maritsa river and the surrounding green hills are part of his identity. Since its establishment as a city around the 6th century BC until the modern times, the city has been constantly inhabited. The ancient atmosphere of Plovdiv, its strategic location and the cultural events defy it a place of continuous meetings of cultures and civilizations.
The 2nd International Applied Scientific Conference
Medicinal, Aromatic and Edible Plants
(MAEPs) and their by-products: Utilization and valorization for a sustainable and circular economy
will be held in
hall ‘Horizon’, building II of University of
Food Technologies
in Plovdiv.

You can arrive in Plovdiv by:


  • Production, marketing and future trends

  • Consumption as functional foods and as ingredients of novel foods

  • Biological activities of MAEPs and ingredients isolated from them

  • Food additives on the basis of MAEPs

  • Cosmetic products on the basis of MAEPs

  • Waste minimization and valorization of MAEPs processing by-products

  • Technologies for treatment of MAEPs and their by-products

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The abstract submission deadline is July 10, 2021.

The authors could submit their presentations for publication in a Special issue of Journal Food Science and Applied Biotechnologies ( The authors should follow the guidelines for article formatting according to the Journals’ submission policy:

Alternatively, the authors could publish in a special issue of Bulgarian Chemical Communications ( Before you start preparing your manuscript according to the Journal’s authors guide ( please contact me at

The manuscripts will undergo thorough selection process carried out by the distinguished Scientific Committee Members and Journals’ Editorial team and only the high quality papers which are suitable for publication will be considered.

The deadline for submitting the manuscripts (doc/docx or pdf files only) is October 16, 2021.

Organizing Committee


Gergana Andreeva
Gergana Andreeva
CEO of
Bulgarian National Association of Essential Oils, Perfumery & Cosmetics
8 Tsar Kaloyan Str.
Plovdiv 4000
Anton Slavov
Anton Slavov
Associated Professor PhD
Department of Organic Chemistry
and Inorganic Chemistry
26 Maritsa Blvd.
Plovdiv 4000


Scientific Committee Members

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Medicinal, Aromatic and Edible Plants (MAEPs) and their by-products: Utilization and valorization for a sustainable and circular economy

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